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LandlordTenantNewYork is New York's leading supplier of NY Lease Forms, security deposit receipts, nonpayment notices, holdover notices, eviction petitions and more. All of our forms reflect the latest developments in New York landlord tenant law - guaranteed! If you have questions, feel free to give us a call: ph (212) 382-0060.
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WELCOME was founded in 1998 by New York landlord-tenant attorneys. We provide New York eviction forms, lease forms, and related landlord-tenant forms. Each of our forms is painstakingly prepared by experienced New York lawyers. We are a local service - with offices in the Empire State Building.

We are NY's Local Lease/Eviction Form Service - located in the Empire State Building

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If your legal needs are straightforward, New York Landlord/Tenant provides you with a convenient, quick, and reliable solution. We monitor the changing procedures and laws relating to New York Landlord Tenant so you can rest assured that our forms will always work!

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LandlordTenant has been a leading supplier of New York leases, holdover notices, petitions and related landlord tenant forms since 1999. We are conveniently located at 225 Broadway, Suite 1405 in Manhattan. Questions? Give us a call: (212) 382-0060. Don't see a form you need? visit our affiliated site, www.asaplegal